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Hello! Today I come bearing gifts yummy food recipe! It's really easy too- you can use a homemade cake recipe if you like, or some box mix and frosting! I made these quickly this morning to take into where Cal and I used to work.

What you'll need, instructions & more pics (real ones, not just instragram :p) below! Enjoy! Thanks for stopping by and if you make anything, please do share and let me know! I love to see what people bake.

  • Box mix, preferably white cake
  • Ingredients required with cake mix
  • Food coloring
  • Sprinkles
  • Frosting 
  • Mixing bowls, whisk, a bunch of spoons and little bowls.
Preheat your oven according to the cake mix. I did mine at 325F and I also cooked it significantly less than instructed, so keep your eye on them. I'd say check after 12 minutes. Anywho. Gather your ingredients, as such:

If you don't have mini muffin/cupcake pans, try making extra fullsize, then using a cookie cutter to cut out a smaller shape

Make your cake mix according to directions. Separate into bowls and add food coloring. I chose to only do four colors.

Layer it tablespoon at a time, however you like. If it gets hard to flatten, get water and use it with your finger to push the colored layers toward the edge.

Ta-da! This is how they should turn out from the oven. I did mine a bit messy, and didn't care if colors overlapped.

Frost them and add sprinkles! Note: if traveling with these, be careful.. they're slippery!

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Friday, May 25, 2012: 9:47 PM

Blogger chantilly said on 10:30 PM  

rainbow cupcakes?! soo cute!! xx

Blogger WearAbouts said on 12:00 AM  

OH MAN those look SO YUMMY! you know what else looks good? Your blog! I just found it through Kendi Everyday and have literally been exploring all of the cool little design quirks. I especially love the homepage! You are a fabulous designer!!! I'm a new google follower--not only because you have great content, but because i SERIOUSLY have never seen a prettier blog :)
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Blogger Rose Eva said on 1:45 AM  

@Chantilly: yep, and tasty! :)

@wearabouts: thank you so, so much! that's so sweet of you.. I've seen your blog before, all your outfit posts are super pretty. :) thank you so much for the sweet words!

Blogger Adin B said on 4:02 AM  

Awe! Love, love, love baking and my little man loves to bake and mix with me. :) These are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Blogger Rose Eva said on 11:25 PM  


Thank you! Baking is so much fun, I look forward to the future when I'll be able to enjoy it with my children :) It's so cute you two bake! I need to stop by and snoop for photos, hehe.

Blogger THE-LOUDMOUTH said on 8:31 AM  

These look amazing! Must try!!

Blogger Rose Eva said on 4:26 PM  

They really do taste good! Not super sweet though so lots of frosting is a must :)

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